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"Finally a way to pump without feeling so restricted. Made by Moms Pumping Band™ makes pumping enjoyable and relaxing!"
Kim Smith, Milwaukee, WI

"I can actually have a glass of juice, read a magazine or even console my newborn if necessary while I pump. I love your product!!!!!"
Lisa Gogin, Seattle, WA
"Just when I was about to give up breastpumping Made by Moms saved me! Thanks for giving me my hands while breastpumping. I now hope to continue giving my baby my breastmilk for at least another 6 months."
Sue Holley, White Plains, NY

"I suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which made it almost impossible for me to breastpump due to the pain I felt while holding the suction cups to my breasts. With the Made by Moms Pumping Band™ not only do I pump "handsfree" but "painfree". I highly recommend your revolutionary product!"
Suzanne Haaf, Boca Raton, FL
"Made by Moms Pumping Band™ is awesome! It releives the stress of me having to constantly hold the bottles when I pump. At work when I pump with the Made by Moms Pumping Band I am able to meditate and think about my baby and I end up pumping more milk! I think it is because I'm so relaxed."
Michelle Chasse, Fullerton, CA


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